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Have you tried samosas?

Have you tried samosas?

Samosas: A Cross Cultural Delicacy!

Samosas, or Sambusas, are a fried pastry filled with vegetables, meats, fish, and even in some cases with sweets, that is shared across cultures in Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Usually triangular in shape, samosas are made from various types of doughs, egg roll wrappers, and even tortilla depending on the desired texture.

Typically deep fried, these delicacies are a staple across many households, especially during the holy month of Ramadan: a month of fasting observed by Muslims across the world. As soon as the sun sets, you can guarantee that most Muslim households will break their fast with a handful of dates, water, and of course some delicious samosas! Samosas are made differently depending on the region, and even the country and culture in which it is made.

Some cultures call for certain vegetables or fillings, like the savory peas and carrots mix called for in a traditional Congolese or Senegalese samosa, versus a lentil samosa typically found in Ethiopia and Eritrea. Other cultures add ground beef, ground chicken, eggs, and even various types of fish, and season with spices localized to their countries and cultures.

Spice Bridge is home to a few businesses that serve delicious samosas, have you tried one yet? Stop by on Wednesday-Saturday to try a yummy Congolese Samosa from Taste of Congo, or on Friday-Sunday for a delicious Sambusa from Moyo Kitchen, or look for Afella Jollof Catering at a local market or festival, and let us know what you think!