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Meet The Chefs

Ofelia Anorve named Mamá Tila after her mother, who was known as the best cook in her town. Ofelia takes her time preparing authentic dishes from across Mexico, including many of her mother’s recipes. Mama Tila offers their incredible cuisine at the Fremont Sunday Market each week. Catering also is available—spice up your next event with Ofelia’s delicious tamales and other dishes.

Watch the video we made with Ofelia, and read our Q&A:

Q&A with the Chefs

Tell us about your business.


My business specializes in traditional Mexican food.

How did get the idea for your business?


A lot of people would tell me that my food was really good, and I should have my own business. Also, there was a lack of traditional Mexican food in the Seattle area.

What makes you different from other catering companies?


I take my time when I cook my food, and I do it with love.

What do you like best about your work?


What I think is best about my work is seeing people enjoy my food.

What is something people might be surprised to learn about you or your business?


I think people would be surprised to learn that my food is authentic, fresh, delicious, and healthy.

What’s your business’ biggest challenge?


My biggest challenge is that if my business is growing fast, I can be under stress since I am running it alone.

What would you say to other small food business owners thinking of working with FIN?


I would say that FIN is really helpful and you learn a lot.